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Anarchist compassion. Hedonistic generosity. Absurdist inspiration. Rational optimism. Fundamental decency.

We’re going to die.

Nothing matters beyond the matter of matter. 

Despite these two guarantees, it’s easy to ride out our wee chunk of conscious time in fear and comparison. Why? 


A lot of how and why we do things is down to our personal narrative. Not everyone has the perfect start, most don’t, but so many of us get forced onto a treadmill that does nothing for our happiness. 


If no one has it figured out, maybe there is no single way? And if nothing you do matters, maybe you can do whatever you like? Don’t sweat it, boo. Just make the most of you. 


The Maximum Project is an initiative to help different people go about making the most of their lives in their unique way. We have a simple recipe-a dollop of compassion, oodles of curiosity, a sprinkle of hedonism, and some good old-fashioned conversation. 


Stick around. It’s time to make the most of you. Let’s get maximum.

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